Grow Your Team

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Our dedicated team allows you to hit the ground running and focus on what matters – building relationships and growing your business.​

Transition Team

Too busy to move? Worried about leaving behind your existing pipeline? Don’t worry, your transition team has you covered.

Our experienced and dedicated transition department facilitates a seamless move. You can keep your pipeline moving and close your loans without a hitch. Gain peace of mind from open communication and transparency at every step of the process.

Sales Support

A network of trusted advisors support your business and allow you to do what you do best – sell.​
  • Dedicated teams to lend support when you need it, across all aspects of your day to day​.
  • Don’t let a tough file slow you down. Our Scenario Desk team will help you navigate a difficult deal​.
  • Keep the loan process streamlined and efficient with NMBNOW and Encompass support.

IncomeNOW Desk

Having a difficult time calculating borrower’s income? Our IncomeNOW Desk has got you covered with a staff of income pros.

In–house Recruiting & NMBintelligence

NMBintelligence allows you to search for originators by location, volume, product mix and other parameters to find the perfect fit for your team.