Making the Move to NMB

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“As a Loan Officer, you’re making history in people’s lives.”

Joe Peres found the right fit at NMB

Joe Peres is all about making homeownership dreams come true for his clients and partners. While his team works extremely hard, Joe knows that it takes the right tools and systems in place to make it all come together. When Joe was searching for a lender partner to align his team with to accomplish their goals, NMB became the clear choice. Here’s what Joe had to say about his team’s decision to join NMB.

Joe Peres’ Interview Transcript

“My name is Joe Peres. And for Nationwide Mortgage Bankers, I’m a producing sales manager. So the reason that I love doing my job and why I became a loan officer is that when you get to be part of this transaction, you are part of this person’s life. You’re making history in that person’s life. This is the largest financial transaction that most people will do. Being part of that and then changing the approach to focusing solely on the client, their financial goals, and making their dreams come true, that’s what we’re all about.

            With my team, what stands out different a little bit is that we’re really focusing on the people. We want to make financial dreams come true. We want to make that homeownership dream come true. And we went through a lot of different lenders to find someone who would align with our goals. It is just hands down the best in the business. You need somebody on the phone, you get them. You call them and it’s the most amazing thing, they pick up. They answer. They get back to you within minutes. You’re not waiting hours or days. So it’s one of the most important parts of being a loan officer and being able to provide for your clients is having that responsiveness of management and the support staff.

“You need somebody on the phone at NMB, you get them. You call them and it’s the most amazing thing, they pick up. They answer. They get back to you within minutes. You’re not waiting hours or days.”

Joe Peres – Loan Officer – NMLS# 555555

            So the differences between Nationwide Mortgage Bankers and let’s say some other lenders, I’ve been in the business for 15 years, so I’ve worked for quite a few, I would have to say hands down best in responsiveness from the support staff and management. They are hands down the best in getting the deals through on time. And it’s one of the most amazing things when you say something’s going to be done to your client and you know that you can trust and rely on your staff to have it out in the same day. We had our clients satisfied prior, but once joining NMB, we’ve taken that experience to the next level. With the integration of NMBNOW and all of the other technology that they offer, it has just been a straight winner for us.

            So again, it comes back to doing what you say and saying what you do. So when we say the commitment is going to be out, or we tell a realtor partner this buyer is approved, it’s 100% going to happen. We had a situation when we had first come over that there was a loan where the realtor called and said, “Listen, if this commitment does not come out today, then the loan is dead.” I let management know. They responded to me right away. We had the commitment by four o’clock that day. So, when you make your transition and you’re starting to move over, you have to know that this management is going to be behind you 100% to make sure everything goes smoothly.”

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