The Power of BuyNOW

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“It’s Not Impossible. It’s BuyNOW!”

Giorgio Klinar is passionate about people, processes, and the community

Reaching the community and providing the opportunity for homeownership is what drives Giorgio Klinar and his team at Americasa. With that passion comes many long days and late nights paving the road for your client to have a smooth and successful home loan. One tool Giorgio has leveraged in BuyNOW from NMB. BuyNOW incorporates an easy application process with upfront underwriting, giving borrowers the power to compete in the toughest of markets with “good as cash” offers. Our team connected with Giorgio to discuss the major impact BuyNOW is having on his business.

Giorgio Klinar’s Interview Transcript

“I became a loan officer because I realized that the community needed help, needed to be educated. And I felt that there’s more need in that community, especially the Hispanic community, and why we created Americasa. We’re more than a company. We’re a family. Not only do we care about the community and what we can do for the community and allow people to have their dream of homeownerships come true, we actually treat each other with the same passion and love and make sure that we’re successful as loan officers and that the goals align with what the community needs.

So, in today’s market, it’s so hard to get an offer accepted. We began looking at how we can make the process better, not only for the consumer, but for the team and our partners, the real estate partners, and the rest of the industry. The executive team came up with the solution. We need to invest into a program that will allow the process to be smooth. And that’s why we came up with BuyNOW.

            BuyNOW, to me, is the number one tool that my team uses and the community needs. It actually allows people to put offers on homes as if there were cash offers. We actually take the client from the entire pre-qualification to actually underwriting, so we verify everything from A to Z. That client is a fully qualified buyer. The only thing that is missing on their file is a contract of sale and the property to appraise. And that’s amazing.

“BuyNOW, to me, is the number one tool that my team uses and the community needs.”

Giorgio Kilnar, Loan Officer – NMLS# 555555

So, the client goes, puts an offer as a cash offer. It’s as good as cash. Since we launched BuyNOW at the beginning of the year, my team has only used BuyNOW when it comes to approving clients. We’ve seen our production increase almost by 5X, and our real estate agents, our real estate agent partners, have actually seen their production increase by 30 to 40%.

Also, because they know our name and they know who we are. Right? NMB, when they see an NMB offer, they’re like, “Oh, we know that this is going to close.” But now the offers are much stronger offers than they were before because they know that the client is fully approved.

The perfect scenario works this way. Client comes to us and sits down with me or my team on a Saturday morning. The file is sent to BuyNOW. By Monday, that client is fully approved, because actually it’s a 24-hour turnaround from my underwriting team. Saturday, I meet them. By Monday, they’re fully approved. Over the weekend, I actually assign them to a real estate agent, or the realtor took him out. From the day that that offer was accepted, 10 days, close the file. Amazing.

Attorneys call in. Everybody calls in like, “It’s impossible.” I’m like, “No, no. It’s not impossible. It’s BuyNOW.” In the last five years, we’ve built NMB to be America’s fastest growing mortgage bank, and we’ve done it by embracing not only technology but our culture as a family. I’m one of the first ones that have come to NMB, and I’m one of the first ones that created Americasa. And from day one, whenever I asked something to the executive team, not only they said, “Yep,” they turn around and have done it. And tools like NMBNOW and BuyNOW is the perfect example of what we do here.

So, if you’re looking for culture, if you’re looking for potential to grow, if you’re looking for a team that really cares and treats you like family, there’s no other place to be.”