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Embracing technology for better customer experiences

Philip Lanino delivers for his borrowers with NMBnow

NMBnow is the Mortgage Application Point of Sale solution the Loan Officers, like Philip Lanino, use to keep their clients, partners, and team on track during the home buying process. With a modern online application, borrower dashboard, documents portal, and so much more, NMBnow is a key tool in every NMB Loan Officer’s arsenal. Philip Lanino is a power user of NMBnow and sat down with our team to discuss how his business has been impacted since adopting this best-in-class technology.

Philip Lanino’s Interview Transcript

“My name is Philip Lanino. I’m a loan officer here at an NMB. So the reason that I love my job is a few different reasons. Number one is the flexibility it allows me in my lifestyle. I work from home, which has really been a big change over the last year and a half, and it’s been good. All of the non-QM products that we offer, because not all the cookie-cutter banks offer that, especially the credit unions, so the flexible underwriting with regard to debt to income ratio credit and then having a lot of secondary options to go forward with I think is a great part of working here because we can really provide a service for anything that is needed in the mortgage business basically in terms of getting a loan. NMBNow is essentially a digital mortgage application that puts the application in the consumer’s hands, which is really great. The way that it has played a role in my success is it frees up a lot of time, which allows me more time to sell deals.

“NMB is forward-thinking embracing technology and trying to really grow and compete with those big banks that we all know.”

Philip Lanino – Loan Officer – NMLS# 555555

            So, basically, if I call a client and I give my introduction, then I say, “Hey I’m going to text you this application. It’ll take you five to 10 minutes to fill it out. Send me your paperwork or upload it through the secure portal,” which a lot of people like. And then it saves me probably 30 to 45 minutes of busy work because I need to look through all their W2s to put their work history and they fill it out in two seconds. So I think it’s played a big role in the fact that it’s really freed up a lot more time and made the process easier. I don’t need to chase them down to activate their email address, the e-consent. It’s all taken care of from the start. The e-closing has been a great part of the process. So that I know realtor and partner relationships really do love and respect because they know that the closing itself, especially on a purchase, is only going to take five to 10 minutes.

            I think we need to embrace this technology and especially the local realtor and partner relationships know that a local direct lender right here on the island or wherever your office is that we are forward-thinking embracing technology and trying to really grow and compete with those big banks that we all know. I mean, people that are considering making a move to NMB, honestly, it’s a great company. Again, the communication and the culture are all very clear and direct. We’re headed in the right direction. Also, people using this technology and doing the NMB Now, doing the alternative income type loans, we really have everything that you would need. Plus, again, the ability to work from home. If you need it, we have that technology in place as well so I think that’s going to be more and more important in the future. It’s overall a great company. I’m very happy here.”

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